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Why Choose M&E Boiler Installations?

M&E Boiler installations specialise in providing boiler installation services and surveys across the United Kingdom for domestic, commercial and public properties. Our fully trained installers ensure that only the highest standards of works are carried out, whatever the job size.


Why is M&E Boiler Replacements funding a boiler replacement scheme?


boilerOur aim is to tackle health inequality and fuel poverty, and to help the environment. Heating accounts for 80% of residents’ energy bills. Old, inefficient boilers mean higher gas bills, more CO2 emissions and increased pollutants that cause breathing difficulties.


There are thousands of homes in the United Kingdom still using the least efficient types of boiler (‘F & G rated’) or that have no central heating at all. Upgrading these will help dramatically lower fuel bills and help residents to stay warm and healthy in their homes.


Please complete your details in the contact form provided and one of our team ofengineers will contact you back to discuss all of your available options with you.


Following from the discontinuation of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) we are pleased to announce that we can offer 100% free boiler replacements as part of the ECO (Energy Company Obligation). Under this heading, focus will be placed on providing energy efficiency measures to vulnerable consumers and those living on low income. Whether you qualify for ECO funding is dependant on what measures the property requires, where you live and if you receive any benefits (qualifying benefits can be found on our 'Are You Eligible' page). For any further queries please call us on 0800 093 40 43."

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